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The advantages of getting your dryer vents clean are substantial. Not only can it save you money it can prevent fire, which has been the number one household appliance to cause house fires. Roughly 17000 dwelling fires have been caused annually due to clogged and blocked dryer vents. When vents are clogged it restricts air flow and exhaust gases are backed up, which over time will cause a fire. Did you know that every time your dryer goes through a cycle, which is in between 45 to 60 minutes a cycle, you add an additional .70 cents onto your energy bill? On top of that, if your clothes aren’t even drying properly, think of how much money is being wasted.
Did a really super service never thought I was going to called you guys again, cleaned my air duct for a really good price yet way to go super content with everything!
Excellent customer service, all of their staff is very sweet. My air duct and all my vents are very clean. They a fantastic job and will be the only company I will call from now on.
There are a few warning signs that is time to have your dryer vents cleaned. If your dryer isn’t properly drying clothes the first time, if the outside of your dryer is extremely hot, you notice a burning scent or the vent hood flap doesn’t open properly. Also if it has been more than a year than the last time you got your vent cleaned, you should probably give Air Duct Cleaning Rosenberg a call. Our cleaning specialists are quick and efficient. We have operators available to answer your call 24 hours a day seven days a week. Make the call so that you can rest easy knowing that your family’s health and safety aren’t in jeopardy. Let Dryer Vent Cleaning Rosenberg keep your dryer clean and working efficiently, and help you reduce the chance of a dryer fire in your home.

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